The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

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With several years of professional experiences in the fields of journalism, research and information technology complemented by a multi-cultural perspective, I am able to provide in-depth consultancy and quality services for high profile clients and associates ranging from startup projects to multi-national corporations and organizations.


With decades of experience as a full-time and freelance journalist, I wrote and edited numerous published articles in both English and Arabic languages. I was featured in a CNN documentary, and have been a guest speaker in several TV shows. I was an editor for Pharaohs magazine. Throughout the years, I interviewed persons of different nationalities, and from all walks of life, from criminals and terrorists to multinational CEOs, ambassadors, governors and ministers.


I started my research work in 1991 as a research assistant for graduation research projects. Then I worked as an associate researcher in various research projects for different universities including Cairo University, American University in Cairo, Humboldt University in Berlin and Leipzig University. I have co-authored and presented several research papers, some were published in books and scientific periodicals and translated to several languages. I participated in different conferences and workshops.

IT & Internet

My work in Information Technology had started before Internet was introduced to Egypt in the 80’s. I started working in I.T. - while I was still a university student and later co-founded own company. When internet access started in Egypt in 1993 I was one of the first few 1000’s in the country to have access. From the mid 90’s to the end of 90’s I offered Internet related services including hosting and web-design via CyberCairo Network.

Success is a way, not a destination.

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with a multidisciplinary approach that combines the accuracy of research skills using modern I.T. tools and presenting outcomes in journalistic language.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

Uncertainty is not a reason for fear, but rather motivation for  knowledge

“There’s no shortage of good ideas, what’s usually missing is the will and skill to execute them.”

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