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Terrorism or Freedom-Fighting

  Weapons never killed ideas. Therefore, military action against international terrorism may not be a viable alternative. If the core motive for international terrorism is ideological and/or political then those who perpetrate terrorism are not just criminals, but they are also believers who consider what they are doing to be the right thing and worthy […]

Weak or Nobel – The Arab Regimes

Lately, it is has been hard to write about the peace process in the Middle East. Despite how keen one may be to identify a fair and equitable peace, it never gets accomplished. Simply what is going on in the region now makes one think more of war than peace. The whole region is fuming.

Arab Economic Union: A Dream or Reality?

  Political integration among Arab countries has for long time been a dear hope of nationalists,  nasserists and many Arabs. While the economic integration among Arab countries seems to be more realistic, but it is still challenged with the political paradox of power and cooperation. There are different views of economists, politicians, and businessmen, ranging […]

Ignore the world’s poor at your own risk!

As attendees at the World Economic Forum (WEF) rolled out of New York in a stream of black limousines, they carried a warning from UN Secretary General Kofi Annan: “Ignore the world’s poor at your own risk.” It was a message that reverberated constantly throughout the five-day event, from conference rooms at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel […]

Democracy and the Muslim Countries

The relation between the religion of Islam and politics is hot topic that got even hotter after September 11. Sometime ago The Freedom House Organization issued an alarming report about democracy in Muslim countries. The question is: Is it Islam as a religion that is against democracy? or the fact that most of Muslim countries […]

Censoring Egypt – The Forbidden Rights

(Originally published in Cairo, 2001) Freedom of expression in Egypt is a sensitive issue linked as it is to time-honored taboo subjects: sex, religion and politics. Suppression of freedom of expression by government authorities in Egypt covers literature and art. Most of the time it is unofficial, but whether expressed in writing or verbally, it […]