Sarah Eltantawi – Inside Egypt – War on Gaza Complicated by Egypt

Cairo has defended its initiative on Gaza, insisting it gained international support. Mike Hanna speaks to Sarah Eltantawi, assistant professor of comparative religion at Evergreen State College; and Graeme Bannerman, scholar at the Middle East Institute and former Middle East Analyst at the State Department.

UK Parliament Members: “Israel committed war crimes in Gaza.”

The West has always been accused of bias in favour of Israel by Arab media and peoples. Lately some Arab governments and a considerable proportion of its people seem to have reversed their stand. While some Arabs now are not ashamed of putting the blame initially on Hamas for the murder of Palestinians by Israel’s […]

The true face of Ahmed Shafik, Egypt’s Prime Minister on CNN

Ahmed Shafik is a close friend of Mubarak and his colleague in the tyranny, oppression and plunder imposed on the Egyptian people. February 6th, 2011 CNN CROWLEY:  Let me ask you by arrests by the military police.  Why are they arresting – SHAFIK: About…? CNN CROWLEY: Arrests. SHAFIK:  About what? CNN CROWLEY:  About the detention […]

خطاب السادات الأخير أمام مجلس الشعب 5 سبتمبر 1981

The People’s Planet : Transforming The City (for CNN)

The People’s Planet : Transforming The City CNN This is a part of a documentary titled “Transforming The City” which is an episode of a six one-hour series called “The People’s Planet”. The series was shot in 23 countries on Hi-Vision system (full HD) and was co-produced by Antelope and NHK of Japan for CNN […]