Interview with Mustafa Mahmoud

I conducted this interview in 1998 as a research associate in a 4 years research project titled “Islamic Public Sphere” in Egypt that was supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and supervised by Prof. Dr. Armando Salvatore. A part from the valuable inputs of the interview to our research project, the interview marked a […]

Urban agriculture and visions for a “modern” city : Cairo case study

While urban agriculture as a practice is found in almost all cities of Egypt, but the term and concept did not exist in any aspect when I introduced it together with Prof. Dr. Jörg Gertel from Leipzig university trying to research and investigate the socio-economic factors shaping urban agriculture activities in Cairo. Our co-authored paper […]

The People’s Planet : Transforming The City (for CNN)

The People’s Planet : Transforming The City CNN This is a part of a documentary titled “Transforming The City” which is an episode of a six one-hour series called “The People’s Planet”. The series was shot in 23 countries on Hi-Vision system (full HD) and was co-produced by Antelope and NHK of Japan for CNN […]