Humanity is still in an adolescent phase

In spite of all the modern technologies that are making the world into a global village, and although humanity has greatly suffered from conflicts and wars throughout its history, so-called globalization has thus far failed to significantly encourage understanding and tolerance among the world’s different cultures and civilizations.  Does the monochromatic economic approach of globalization […]

to the WEF, Ignore the world’s poor at your own risk

As attendees at the World Economic Forum (WEF) rolled out of New York in a stream of black limousines, they carried a warning from UN Secretary General Kofi Annan: “Ignore the world’s poor at your own risk.” It was a message that reverberated constantly throughout the five-day event, from conference rooms at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel […]

Reception of US Congressman Darrell Issa in Cairo Nov. 2001

In November 2001, it was my pleasure to be in the reception of US congressman Darrell Issa in Cairo. Issa is one of few American congressmen from an Arab origin (Lebanese). My pleasure did not last long when he gave his speech stating that “September 11 attack on America would not have happened if the […]

مفهوم الدولة بين الشريعة الإسلامية والعلمانية

هل العلمانية مفهوم مضاد للشريعة الإسلامية؟ سؤال طرح للنقاش ضمن فعاليات مؤتمر الكنيسة الإنجيلية بهانوفر يوم الخميس 26 مايو/أيار الماضي. نقاط مثيرة ناقشها الحاضرون تركزت على موقف الإسلام والمسيحية من فصل الدين عن الدولة. يُعد موقف الإسلام من الدولة العلمانية بمعناها المتعارف عليه ـ فصل الدين عن الدولة ـ من أكثر المواضيع نقاشا وبحثا في […]

The difference between Sharon and Arab rulers

Democracy, terrorism, and national security are concepts whose definitions span a wide spectrum and are frequently contradictory. an Arab professor has raised some necessary questions about their use in the Middle East. “Sharon is a Terrorist – And You?” That is the provocative title of an article recently penned by Kuwaiti University professor Ahmad El […]