Interview with ambassador Edward Walker

“Our country has been struggling with the definition of terrorism for long time and has not worked out a unified definition. But in general I can say that terrorism is the illegitimate act of killing innocent people for a political cause. If one goes to a restaurant and blows up a bunch of innocent women […]

Reception of US Congressman Darrell Issa in Cairo Nov. 2001

In November 2001, it was my pleasure to be in the reception of US congressman Darrell Issa in Cairo. Issa is one of few American congressmen from an Arab origin (Lebanese). My pleasure did not last long when he gave his speech stating that “September 11 attack on America would not have happened if the […]

What is missing from the life of Omar Sharif?

When I met with Omar El Sharif for the first time in 1991, I asked him “After all your success, do you feel that there was something essential missing in your life?” … He looked at me for a long time and didn’t say anything. I asked him again. He said “How about you? what […]

The People’s Planet : Transforming The City (for CNN)

The People’s Planet : Transforming The City CNN This is a part of a documentary titled “Transforming The City” which is an episode of a six one-hour series called “The People’s Planet”. The series was shot in 23 countries on Hi-Vision system (full HD) and was co-produced by Antelope and NHK of Japan for CNN […]